Work for Market 2day


Work I did for food startup Market 2day

Most people say that it’s always great to get some work experience in high school. In my case, I found a job as a design consultant for Market 2day, a startup aiming to make local farmers’ market food more accessible by providing a platform for pickup and delivery. I mostly helped build their brand, both in print and on the web.

The biggest project I was tasked with was the design of the static website that the company uses to attract customers and advertise online, which also provides a gateway to the web app that they use:

I also helped guide the company with many of its print items, such as banners, postcards, and more, all of which created a consistent brand design.

As a side project, I was also asked to give feedback on the web application that had been created a web development company.

Overall, working for Market 2day taught me a lot about how to collaborate with a team to make sure that everyone is on the same page, as I was both listening to the founders’ desires in terms of what they wanted their company to look like (logo, colors, etc.) while at the same time trying to make sure that the whole looked visually passable to me, to make sure that the design would attract me to the company’s services if I were a customer myself.

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